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Need help with your business?

Marketing | Documentation | Photographers | Vendors | Graphics | + More

Business Call - I’ll personally call you and help or we can meet up for an hour meeting!

Calls are no time limit! However much time you need I’m here to assist.

PRINTING WORKSHOP - Beginner Friendly! 

Learn the basics of printing and making your own clothing. Using vinyl printer and press machine. Must have your logos already. Vinyl & Blank apparel (T-shirt’s, Sweatshirts, Hoodies) vendors will be provided. 

ATL Personal Shopper (Meet Up) - A day with me!
Not sure where to go or don’t have a business license? Can’t get into wholesale places?

No problem! I’m here to help.

This is an all day meetup. I will personally help you and go with you into these stores with my business license.

Once you purchase I’ll text or email you to set up the date and time! 

Please use your correct email and phone number.

Long-term free advice and mentorship.